Source : In A Sauce Pan Add A Little Oil Sliced Onions Scotch Bonnets And Your Minced Beef Stir Fry For Some Minutesadd Your Seasoning Cubes Carrots Peppers Curr...

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  1. In a sauce pan add a little oil,sliced onions,scotch bonnets and your minced beef stir fry for some minutes

  2. Add your seasoning cubes,carrots,peppers,curry and stir well for few minutes then you take off the heat

  3. Get your samosa sheets add your fillings use flour glue and sealed the edge...deep fry the samosas on a low heat untill golden brown

  4. Now your samosas are ready garnish with some ketchup and parsley


  1. For the filling
  2. Minced meat
  3. Diced carrots
  4. Sliced onion
  5. Garlic and ginger paste
  6. Green pepper (sliced)
  7. Scotch bonnets (crushed)
  8. Seasoning to your taste
  9. Curry
  10. For the wraps
  11. You need a ready to used samosa wraps
  12. Oil for frying
  13. Ketchup and parseley for garnishing

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