Tuna Lettuce Wraps

Source : Preheat Vegetable Oil At 375ffry The Wonton Until Crispy About A Minute Put In A Bowl And Toss With Sesame Oil And Saltseparate The Leafs From The Lett...

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  1. Preheat vegetable oil at 375F

  2. Fry the wonton until crispy about a minute, put in a bowl and toss with sesame oil and salt

  3. Separate the leafs from the lettuce, rinse and spread them on a serving dish

  4. Place the wonton threads on the lettuce cups

  5. cut the Tuna in half oz pieces and place on top of the wonton, top with the shaved jalapeos and a dot of sriracha

    Tuna Lettuce Wraps recipe step 5 photo


  1. 8 oz fresh tuna
  2. 1 vegetable oil for frying
  3. 12 each wonton wrappers, Julliene
  4. 1 each Boston bib lettuce heads
  5. 1 oz toasted sesame seed oil
  6. 1 each Jalapeo shaved
  7. salt
  8. Sriracha hot sauce

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Tuna Lettuce Wraps

Tuna Lettuce Wraps

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